One Thousand Autumn Farewells

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Album: My Tears My Fears (2007)

Song: I Hate Myself

Bitrate: 128kbps

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One Thousand Autumn Farewells formed on a day when their vocalist Neeshee was feeling quite worthless, so he decided to write a song. He showed one of his friends the lyrics, and they suggest that he wrote music to it. The product being One Thousand Autumn Farewells first song: Sesame Street. OTAF combines sonic explosions of anger and sincere emotion with heartfelt lyrics that truly reach out to the listener. OTAF is true brilliance and creativity.

One Thousand Autumn Farewells can only prove cutting my wrists on this autumn night while gazing into the twinkling starlight does nothing to tame my unrequetted love for you my dear.

For lyrical questions please IM me on Neeshacker. Thanks.